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Created by belgian Archaeologist Ludovic LAN, is a web site dealing with Archaeology and Prehistory in Walloon Brabant (Belgium-Europe).  It is a kind of virtual museum browsing 300 000 years of human Prehistory in this geographical area.

Inside you can discover a lot of pictures showing prehistoric artefacts, especially tools made of flint (mostly coming from the famous Spiennes flint mining site) or others raw materials (phtanite, Wommersom sandstone, schist). Objects come even from local museums or even from L. LAN's private collections, both resulting of multiple field researches. The most recent investigations have been made with GPS localization method on prehistoric ground deposits. The flint artefacts are simply collected on ploughed fields and located one by one with a topographical GPS. It gives interesting results allowing further understandings about prehistoric settlements without excavating the ground or loosing datas. With maps, bibliography and other datas related with Prehistoric research in Walloon Brabant, that's what you can also find into the "Espace de recherche" area from the home page. We also suggest you to glance through the raw material page if you want to learn about identifying  flint geological sources.

Key words : Archaeology, Flint, Stone Tools, Prehistory, Virtual Museum, Walloon Brabant, Belgium, Spiennes, GPS, Topography, Field Research, Archaeological Prospecting, Settlements, Michelsberg, Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic, Bronze-Iron Age, raw material.